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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
10:48 am
Eartha Needs A Hero
Another post about Eartha's Birthday Bash from my journal:

Saturday night did not end with the BDSM show. It carried on into the night until the last number.

Eartha Quake came out for her last number in her purple sequened gown and started performing to I Need A Hero. Everything was great! Flawless! Then...without any warning..I come thru the curtain, into the crowd, dressed as Batman. I had the long cape, the mask, and the tight body suit with the emblem clearly shown. I also had a mighty pouch sticking from my crotch! Thanks cockrings!!! It was great! People were cheering and yelling! Eartha and I were ecstatic! I had a huge grin on my face! We rushed onto the floor and I flung open my cape. The crowd went wild with cheers! But....after walking around for a bit, I stepped onto the stage, Eartha approached me, and I placed around her head....a golden headband with a red star! She turns and drops her gown to reveal......Wonder Woman! Yes, our Eartha was Wonder Woman and I was Batman...entertaining the masses!!! The performance ended as I bow to our Wonder Woman, Aphrodite, and Amazon Princess! The crowd loved the show and I was so excited to have been a part of it!

The rest of the night was just as exciting. I changed into my black/white/grey camo and purple LSU tshirt from Todd and my black leather boots. I loved it! Then some of us decided to play pool. And not just regular pool. Strip pool! I had my friend David on my team and bacchianrevelry went and got wonderful Helen to play with him. Oh yeah! Go grab the lesbian to help you with pool! She can do it! I ended up walking around in my white 2xst thong and David for a moment was naked! And it looked wonderful!! Mills told him he needed to put his shorts on, so he had to hide the beautiful penis! Ohhhh..I love it! So after the next game, we kinda lost bacchianrevelry. Where did you go baby! Ohh, I know! You needed someone to hold your hair back!!! I love you!! I really do! Todd ended up taking him home and everyone said their good nights!

And that was the big night folks!! L8er!

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
1:06 pm
Saturday...Eartha Quake's Birthday
This is copied from my lj:

Saturday was the big day!

It was Todd's 35 birthday and also the big day for his show at the_stage_door. My Eartha Quake was getting nervous. That just made me even more nervous. We got to the bar and practiced and got everything pulled together for the show. We left the bar around 2-3 pm and I headed for the gym. I had to work out one last time before the number.

I decided to where my vinyl pants with my yellow and black spandex bodysuit. I thought it looked great, but then again, spandex has a way of making even the thinnest person feel like they're bloated. But I carried on. Eartha got to the bar and we got dressed and ready for the first number. We came around thru the back door to the stage because of the curtain. The show started off with Madonna reading from the book of Revelation. It was wicked! When that ended, she says "God..." and then the music starts again. Eartha was blocking the flood light and started walking toward the curtain. This caused only one shadow to be cast. There were cheers from the audience. OK. This was good. Then the beat changed and we stepped aside, now causing two shadows to be cast. Even louder cheering. I was feeling wonderful. There was a moment of sexual activity and then we broke apart and Eartha pushed me to my knees. When the beat changed and got harder, Eartha snatched the curtain down to reveal herself and me on all fours, dressed in my harness, leather shorts, boots, arm bands, collar with chain, and a mask. Everyone was cheering and loving what they saw!

Eartha held my leash and pulled me thru the audience...to show off her captive slave. It was so exciting. I loved it! We made our way back to the stage and I stopped. She grabbed my collar and pulled me around and pushed me down into a chair. She gave me her leg, only to push my head away. She kissed me and undid my harness to slide it off to the left. When she had my harness off, she pulled me up by my collar.....only to throw me against the cross and restrain me to it. I was facing the audience and they cheered as Eartha flogged me with the cat-o-9-tails. It was hot! Every place that was touched came alive and made me recognize that nerve ending. She detached me from the cross only to turn me around and reattach me, back toward the crowd. Eartha picked up one of the candles and poured the hot, dripping wax on my back. Wonderfully erotic and heart stopping. Orgasm like no other. The wax traveled the length of my back and entered my shorts and down my hips. She then continued her assault and my pleasure with beatings from a paddle. Again and again, she connected the tough and sexual leather with my ass. I was in heaven. This brought the performance to an end and lots of cheering and revelry from the crowd! It was a great experience.

I was left unattended on the cross, except for a few more swings of the paddle, through the next song, being "Fuck Everybody". I felt used and forgotten while restrained for everyone to see. In total acceptance of her performance and my in gratitude for her disciplinary actions, Eartha detached me again, made me fetch her dropped earnings, and pulled me to the dressing room.

I will tell about the last number in the following post!

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
12:31 pm
Is anybody out there?! I'm beginning to wonder about your devotion? I'm taking mass amounts of pictures this weekend to show everyone what they're missing!
Saturday, May 7th, 2005
8:31 am
Hello! I've noticed that not many people post here. I thought I'd update everyone on The Stage Door's weekly events.

Tonight (Saturday)~ Stage Door is hosting Sumo Wrestling!! Tonight and tonight only watch the gay men and women's rugby team's battle it out! Don't care for Sumo Wrestling? 9p starts karaoke with the fabulous Missy!
Also for the first time, weather permitting, the Stage Door patio is open.
$2.00 jello shots people... this is a can't miss event!

Sunday~ Vicky D's cabaret! Victoria Diamond hosts her very own drag show the second and 4th Sunday of the month. Open auditions still going on for those drag queens interested. Live voice not required.

Monday~ Live entertainment with Sean Kagalis! He's hot, he has a great voice, and he's gay... what more do you need?

Tuesday~ The ever popular Texas Hold Up! Where else can you play poker without putting any money down? Win the game, win bar money... can't beat that!

Wednesday~ Trivia with Wade! Need a challenge? Wade's Trivia will keep you thinking. Top three winners earn Bar Bucks!

Thursday~ Open Mic Night! Got a talent? Want to show it off? Then Thursday nights is your chance! Hosted by the extremely talented Missy.

Friday~ Virtually Famous Karaoke with Patrick! Can't sing? Who cares?! The point is to have fun! Plus it's always a great show anyway!

So there it is, especially with pride coming we need all the people we can get. Fund raising events should start soon... I'll update as I know more! Come out and support your community!

Everyone is welcome and tolerance is mandatory!

~Danielle aka Stage Door waitress Boobzilla
Friday, May 6th, 2005
12:45 pm
Hey you! Yes YOU!

Be at Stage Door, Tuesday at 8pm SHARP to play some Texas Hold Em and make fun of atomicdave and drink like a fish and have a good time all in one nite!
Friday, April 1st, 2005
5:55 pm
First Time Visit Tonight
Finally gonna go see what atomicdave has been raving about...
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
2:44 am
Texas Hold-Em
So, tonight was Texas Hold-Em at the_stage_door. Fun was had by many! Some LJ'ers were there, such as thehoss, atomicdave and nmybriefs. Fun was had by all, and it was wonderful to meet nmybriefs . . . he's so hot!!!

One Other Thing:

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“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

“It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.”

--Jean-Paul Sartre

“It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.”

--Blaise Pascal

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
8:46 pm
So after a conversation, I have permission to post these. I wish Allie and Shilo the very best.

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12:31 pm
A 'Pamela' night
So another great time was had by all. It was a fabulous PAMELA night at the club. Kevin atlkevin79 stayed home and Pamela was beautifully free to enjoy and thrill all of us with her singing talent, her brilliant sense of humor, and well let's just say her fabulousness. Great review isn't it, don't just take my word for it, here are some pics :-) enjoy

Yes there were others of us there and we all had fun. Wes thehoss, who I now will forever call the slut boy (he knows why) and I went as a guys night out and left his hubby at home. We meet up with a very sweet man, Thomas, who I am sure will never be the same after a night out with us.

Come join the fun next time, see ya all there!

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
8:56 pm
Saturday night
Let's all get together again Saturday night at the club. I really need to party, it's been a rough week.

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
7:10 am
Has anyone heard from Jodie, the tall redhead? I tried emailing her but it got kicked back.

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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
11:48 am
Picnic at Stone Mountain idea
Hey Stage Door Community

Quick question, since spring is just now upon us, how would you all like to do a the_stage_door and lebuzz picnic at Stone Mountain on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Steven or I can try to request off either day and we could all go and have a nice lunch together. This picnic could be a pot luck event where everyone brings something and we all share. We would then send out another message and have people list what they would like to bring so we don't have all cups, or all deserts, or all meats, or all veggies.

mrmaxdaddy, would you also cross post this to the lebuzz community and see if they would want to join in.

Your thoughts?


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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
10:32 am
Friday at TSD
We had a friend/coworker of John's come down to visit last night. We went out to dinner, then came to The Stage Door at watch karaoke. I'd be happier if Patrick turned down his speakers a tad; they're so loud that it distorts, and it would really sound better without that. Bryon and Bill are really nice. They always come by and say hello. I really love the whole crowd there, very different from Midtown, thank GOD.

We talked about it this morning and discussed how wonderful it would be when they open the deck. The smoke in there is pretty intense for nonsmokers. I don't care if people smoke (I did it for 20 years), but man, I have to throw my clothes in the washer as soon as I get home.

We met Jerry and Josh, online friends of ours, and had an awesome time. It's nice to finally have what I'd said that the gay community had been missing for so long, a neighborhood bar where you can just hang out and have fun.

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
1:27 am
Last I heard, we are still having shows. No reason to go into detail on things just yet, but I believe we're having a show on this Sunday, March 20th with the Tuckerettes. I believe we're doing thirty minutes between their intermission and then thirty minutes afterwards. I'll double check on that, but that's the last update I heard on the situation.
Monday, March 14th, 2005
10:56 pm
There will no longer be a show at the Stage Door for the drag kings. Thanks to you who showed up. It was a great night.
10:59 am
Oh, What a Night!
All I can say is, "WOW!" about Saturday night's meet and greet. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun.

Everyone was so nice, so genuinely cool, and I hope to stay in contact with all these great guys and gals, Shilopa, Max, Wes, Michael, Stephen, Kevin, Jodie, and all the GA Boys gang.

Thank you for including me in your fun, and I hope we get together again soon.
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
8:16 pm
Just wanted to say...
...that I thought the show last night was great! I don't think I've ever been to a show with so much positive energy (and shilopa knows I've been to a LOT.)
All the performers were great, and the aforementioned shilopa did a great job at pulling everything together. I am so proud of my Ryder (well, not technically "my" Ryder, but I think you all know what I mean.) She is a true performer, and I'm so glad she's chosen the uber-cool Stage Door as her venue.
Let's all turn out for her and the other boys in two weeks, and hopefully, we'll be treated to something special again.

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11:16 am
Thank you all
Hey Community

Thank you all for showing up for the LJ Meet and Greet. Even tho it was a small group of us, it was very well worth it. I really enjoyed getting to meet many of you and now have added many of you to my LJ Friends list.

Thank you to mrmaxdaddy for being our photographer and for being such a great friend. Thank you for bringing your friend Chuck along too. I hope he had a good time.

Thank you to shilopa and singing_angel for a great show. BIG CHEERS FOR YOU GUYS!!!

boditree, it was so great meeting you. Thank you for walking Steven and I out and getting us a chance to get to know you better. Lets plan on doing something soon. Call us.

atlkevin79: Kevin, I hope to see you out at Stage Door again soon. I know you said that Pamela might be hosting a show soon. WOOT!! Let me know when.

That's all.. If I have missed anyone...Comment below.

Love ya'll,

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10:36 am
Oh look what I FOUND

camera shy, not shy enough to escape me :-)

Jodie and David boditree misbehaving

I told you she was a wild woman and sexy too. So is he, how about a three-way with me :-)

See what all the rest of you missed last night :-)

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10:09 am
The Georgia Boys
They put on an awsome show. Come check them out every other Saturday. There is talk about them performing with the Tuckeretts (the drag queen show) every other Sunday as well. Now that would be fun.

The founder and director, our very own Shilo shilopa

Sexy, hot, cute.. I want to take him home with me

Short but damn sexy, our very own Lucas singing_angel

I love this picture, can I take him home too

I am so bad at names, my apologies. Here are the rest of the Georgia Boys

Update, I now know this is Charlie, welcome to the community

He was a guest performer but the little cutie sure knew how to work the crowd. They had another guest performer but apparently I didn't get a picture of him, sorry. A beautiful black man, yes beautiful and man can go together.

Now I do have my favorites, I am only human after all.

Best line of the night: I told Shilo shilopa I was going to sleep with his pic under my pillow and he says now you do know I am not a real man, my reply, honey that's why I'm bisexual :-)

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